Zubair Ahmed
Associate Professor

[1] Education in Power and Energy Conservation; Conference on Power Crisis and Conservation IEEEP;2010

[2] Cyber Issues – Mitigation & Management; Cyber Technology – Issues, Challenges and Development;2007

[3] The Impact of Technology and Multilingual Education System on Human Progress; International Convention on Education Quality Improvement;2003

[4] Complexities involved in Natural Language Processing and their remedies; IEEE conference on “Information & Communication Technologies;2002

[5] The Professional Techniques of Software Quality Testing for Practitioners and Managers; Pakistan’s Seventh International Convention on Quality Improvement;2002

[6] Nano-Electronic Devices & Their Future; SZABIST;2000

[7] Audio-Visual Information Processing for Indexing Purposes; SZABIST;1999

[8] Training Algorithm in TRANSBOTICS using Artificial Neural Networks; IEEE International Seminar on Millennium Technologies;1999

[9] Application of Artificial Neural Networks in TRANSBOTICS; IEEEP 17th Multitopic International Symposium;1999

[10] The Key Concept of Business Process Reengineering and its ingredients; SZABIST;1999

[11] Reliability of Assessment Results & its Improving Techniques in Education System; National Conference on Semester System of Education in Pakistani Universities;0

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