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Abbreviated key title: AJEST
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Start year: 2011

Title: Learning by teaching SQL Queries to Teachable Agent Using Meta-cognitive techniques Author(s): Aarij Mahmood Hussaan, Farhan Muhammad Hassan

Abstract: Teaching is always said to be twice learning, the traditional SQL Teaching, Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS) performs the task to teach individuals SQL Queries, where user is taught by ITS, by giving some examples, using some scenarios, but we have introduced, learning by teaching technique in this ITS system, where student becomes a teacher and ITS becomes a student. In our system, an Artificial Intelligence based teachable agent, named as Iqra is introduced which behaves like a student and want to learn from the one who is using ITS system. First Student Tutor is taught SQL Queries by ITS system, then Student Tutor teaches SQL Queries to Iqra (The teachable Agent). The Performance of Iqra, determines the learning of the Student. We have incorporated Learning by Teaching and Meta-Cognitive Techniques. Our approach brings the teaching of SQL queries to the next Level of cognitive science, as it lets the individual’s capabilities to explore more by training and testing its own student. In this System student tutor and Teachable Agent performances are measured and on the bases of previous quiz result, next SQL query to teach is advised by ITS. In the end If Iqra get 100% marks it means student Tutor has learnt 100%. Index Terms—SQL Tutor, Learning by Teaching, Teachable Agent, Meta-Cognition.


Title: Umoji - Your Face Your Emoticon Author(s): Sumbul Ghulamani, Shafaque Zareen, Zareen Fatima, Zain Ali

Abstract: Umoji is a realistic facial expression digital image/ icon that can be used to express real facial expressions in order to increase interaction with one another in an entertaining way. This paper introduces the reader with the importance of text messaging using emojis and its popularity. Emoticon and emoji’s are smiley’s used to express basic human expressions. Second, we discuss to use real life emoticons in text messaging applications and to further secure users password using an Umoji as an authentication system. This paper discusses and illustrate the statistical results gathered from survey in SZABIST Hyderabad campus about what they think about using Umojis while texting and its future prospects in securing users password.


Title: Intrusion Detection Framework for SQL Injection Author(s): Israr Ali, Syed Hasan Adil, Mansoor Ebrahim

Abstract: In this era of internet, E-Business and e-commerce applications are using Databases as their integral part. These Databases irrespective of the technology used are vulnerable to SQL injection attacks. These Attacks are considered very dangerous as well as very easy to use for attackers and intruders. In this paper, we are proposing a new approach to detect intrusion from attackers by using SQL injection. The main idea of our proposed solution is to create trusted user profiles fetched from the Queries submitted by authorized users by using association rules. After that we will use a hybrid (anomaly + misuse) detection model which will depend on data mining techniques to detect queries that deviates from our normal behavior profile. The normal behavior profile will be created in XML format. In this way we can minimize false positive alarms.


Title: An Study of The Role of Software Project Manger in the Outcome of the Project Author(s): Israr Ali, Aarij Mahmood Hussaan, Syed Hasan Adil

Abstract: This paper describes an in depth analysis of successful and unsuccessful software Projects and the Role of Software Project Mangers in that success. One of the main reason in software project success is manager. Software houses are investing too much in this regard but the average ratio of software project failure is on the high side. Project managers experience, technical knowledge, and skills are not good enough for success in general. In this paper we have conducted a survey related to the approached used by different project managers, their methods and techniques, and the success ratio of their projects, and the steps they took during their projects. We will explore the core reasons of software project success and then will suggest key steps to be taken by the software project managers to deliver a successful software project.


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