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Start year: 2011

Title: Current Trend in GNSS Based Heighting: Conditions and Limitations on Its Applications in Nigeria Author(s): O.A. Isioye, F. A. Fajemirokun

Abstract: One of the goals of modern geodesy is the global unification of vertical datums so that height data from them can be properly integrated. Well established vertical geodetic framework, apart from being the backbone of any national surveying and mapping system, also enhances the reliability of elevation data used in spatial information systems for preserving the environment and enhancing sustainable development. The GNSS technology is a three dimensional positioning tool and GNSS heighting can be viewed as a viable alternative to other more conventional forms of height measurement. Nowadays the


Title: Fault Modeling, Detection and Classification using Fuzzy Logic, Kalman Filter and Genetic Neuro-Fuzzy Systems Author(s): Haris M. Khalid, Muhammad Akram

Abstract: In this paper, an efficient scheme has been proposed to model, detect and classify the fault. The modeling of fault has been proposed with the fuzzy logic using membership function. Fault detection of the unprecedented changes in system reliability and find the failed component state by classifying the faults is proposed using kalman filter and hybrid neurofuzzy computing techniques respectively. A fault is detected whenever the moving average of the Kalman filter residual exceeds a threshold value.


Title: Near Real Time Processing of Differential GPS Observation using Internet Technology Author(s): O.A. Isioye, I. Enebeli, M.W. Shebe, M. Mefe

Abstract: The study is focused on transmitting GPS observed data via the internet for near real-time post-processing solution. It exploits possible and available technology in integrating the basic concept of real-time GPS survey and post-processing technique to achieve a near real-time post-processing result. This was achieved by exploring the internet as a means of communication and transmission of GPS data for a near realtime post- processing solution. The base and rover stations were equipped with wireless mobile internet modems and portable mobile computer systems to provide the internet accessibility required for online transfer of downloaded observed GPS data in near real time. The research work with a view to saving the time required for post-processing of GPS data, process the observed base and rover data as fast as possible on-site as soon as the reference station data is received. This allow for check and correction of any observed error or anomaly on site. Based on the evaluated methodology, the positions of some points were determined. An independent web interface was also designed and tested using PHP ('Hypertext Pre -Processor', a server side HTML scripting/programming language) for practical assessment and validation of the concept.


Title: Analysis of Multiple Access Interference in Synchronous Downlink CDMA Systems with Random Signature Sequences in AWGN Environment Author(s): Muhammad Moinuddin, A. U. H. Sheikh , A. Zerguine

Abstract: In this work, analysis of the multiple access interference (MAI) for synchronous CDMA systems is carried out for the BPSK modulation with random signature sequences in additive white Gaussian noise (AWGN) environment. In this analysis, downlink scenario is considered for two different cases: (1) with perfect power control, and (2) with imperfect power control. Expressions for the probability density function (pdf) of MAI and MAI plus noise are derived for the two cases as a function of number of users and spreading factor. Gaussian approximation is also developed for these scenarios. Close agreement between analytical analysis and simulation results is obtained for different scenarios of number of users and spreading lengths.


Title: Optimization Techniques in Chemical Processes Author(s): Syed Saad Azhar Ali, Kadir Ertogral

Abstract: In this paper, optimization techniques used in the chemical processes are explored. Chemical processes comprise of several multi-variable, non-linear and constrained blocks. The overall system performance depends on operating each block optimally. So every element has to be optimized in order to get an overall best possible outcome. This makes the choice of a good optimization algorithm very crucial. This survey includes the study of research done and implemented in the industry, perusing the variety of the optimization technique adopted, the details of the optimization algorithm, its advantages and shortcomings.


Title: Effects of Various Cultural Attributes on Web Browsing Behavior of Developing Countries’ Online Community Author(s): Anoud, Manzoor Ahmed Hashmani

Abstract: The invention of computer and the Internet has provided a new channel for establishing inter personnel communication, and attracting clients for optimizing business for organizations. As the number of web users increases day-by-day, web based commerce is booming. But before going to design a website, the organizations must consider several attributes (specially the cultural aspects) of their target customers. What design elements can be used to attract them, what can hurt someone’s feelings, how different colors are interpreted in a particular region and how the people are inclined towards their cultural values etc? This difficulty arises due to the cultural diversity, as different users belonging to different cultures may interpret the same website in an entirely different manner. As the electronic environment of the World Wide Web evolves daily, it increases the likelihood of international participants and transactions. It is very important to analyze the behavior and response of Pakistani online community that how they react to these factors when working on internet. On the basis of the results of this research, organizations will be able to design more attractive and meaningful websites that can capture more attention of the Pakistani online community.


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