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Title: Performance Analysis of WSN based Earthquake Monitoring System using Queues in Tandem Concept Author(s): Sanam Memon, Wanod Kumar

Abstract: In this paper performance analysis of WSN based earthquake monitoring system is carried out using queuing theory. Queuing Theory has been used as an analyzing tool for any communication system. The WSN nodes transmit their data packets (obtained from the ground motion as input) to the centralized node/server which subsequently forwards the incoming data packets to the main station using backhaul link. While evaluating the performance, in this study we have considered two scenarios. In first scenario, the modeling of wireless channel (present between nodes and centralized node) is not taken into account, whereas in second scenario the wireless channel is modeled as M/M/c queue. Here both M/M/1 and M/M/c queues are used to model the system. The performance analysis is carried out in terms of two Quality of Service (QoS) parameters namely mean system delay and utilization. The analytical results show that delay increases with the increase in the number of nodes in the system (i.e. the increase in the traffic intensity). Utilization of the system however is the linear function of the traffic intensity. While employing real time scenario, it is necessary that number of WSN nodes must be according to need so that mean system delay can be minimized and warning for the earthquake can be generated on time. Furthermore, data packets should not be increased at input, otherwise congestion (blockage) would occur. The results obtained via this research helps to improve the performance of WSN based earthquake monitoring system.


Title: Security Analysis of Secure Force Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks Author(s): Shujaat Khan1 , M. Sohail Ibrahim , Kafeel Ahmed Khan3 2 , Mansoor Ebrahim4

Abstract: In Wireless Sensor Networks, the sensor nodes are battery powered small devices designed for long battery life. These devices also lack in terms of processing capability and memory. In order to provide high confidentiality to these resource constrained network nodes, a suitable security algorithm is needed to be deployed that can establish a balance between security level and processing overhead. The objective of this research work is to perform a security analysis and performance evaluation of recently proposed Secure Force algorithm. This paper shows the comparison of Secure Force 64, 128, and 192 bit architecture on the basis of avalanche effect (key sensitivity), entropy change analysis, image histogram, and computational time. Moreover, based on the evaluation results, the paper also suggests of the SF algorithm.


Title: Prospect of Lateritic Sand and Periwinkle Shell as Aggregates in Concrete. Author(s): Ameh1, O. J.Afuye1, I. T. and Amusan, L.M.

Abstract: This study investigates the potential usefulness of periwinkle shell as an alternative replacement of coarse aggregate in concrete work. The mechanical properties of concrete with fine and coarse aggregates components fully and partly replaced with lateritic sand and periwinkle shell was investigated. A working sample of one hundred and thirty five concrete cubes of 100mm dimensions were produced and cured in water for 7, 14 and 28 days. The fine aggregates and coarse aggregates were replaced with lateritic sand and periwinkle shells respectively at 10%, 20%, 30%, 40% and 100%. The mix proportions adopted for this work was 1:11?2:3, 1:2:4 and 1:3:7 with water/cement ratio of 0.65. the results indicates that through partial replacement the concrete composed of up to 20% of lateritic sand and periwinkle shell developed a higher compressive strength for the curing ages of 7, 14, and 28days independent of the mix ratios than concrete containing lateritic sand and periwinkle shell at 100% full replacement.The study therefore recommends that 20% lateritic sand and periwinkle shell replacement for fine and coarse aggregate in concrete is suitable for use as low strength lightweight concrete.


Title: Statistical Modelling of Aperture Coupled Microstrip Patch Antenna; Simulation to Fabrication Author(s): Imran Nazir, Ikram e Khuda, Kamran Raza, Syed Zeeshan Ali

Abstract: Design and fabrication of resonant aperture coupled patch antennas at a particular frequency is a complex and difficult process because of the intrications involved in multilayer architecture. The design process requires correct formulations relating the output to input variables. In this paper we undertook the task to confront the design problems of electromagnetically aperture coupled patch antenna. Design methodology of antenna is presented taking all the parameters subjectively. The system parameters related to patch length and slot length are evaluated by CST and modeled to support the communication in extreme temperature constraints. For simulation, the polarization is linear and working frequency is 2.4 GHz. The novel approach in this design is that we have developed statistical equations to find the relationship between patch length, slot length, S11 to obtain best values of them at resonant working frequency. The computer-generated antenna has also been fabricated and is available to be used at the front end of RF transceiver.


Title: Self-control & Saving Habits Author(s): Muhammad Awais

Abstract: The principal purpose behind this study was to investigate the effect of the variables "analyzing ability & age level" which incapacitates the sparing propensity of a singular and "current circumstances" which has a fragile acquaintanceship with sparing propensity of individuals. A self-made survey was used with the final objective of data gathering. Population for this examination was the individuals with medium level of wages and with the age furthest reaches of 40-55 from diverse associations of Pakistan. The assembled data was analyzed with the support of clear dismemberment, correlation examination, and the direct regression technique similarly. The finish of this study shows that the self- control bias may impact the sparing propensity of individuals.


Title: Quality Analysis Of Epon Network For Uplink and Downlink Design Author(s): Dharmindar Udeshi , Faizan Qamar Dharmindar Udeshi, Faizan Qamar

Abstract: Internet has procreated unpretentious petition for broadband facilities, foremost to extraordinary development in Internet Protocol (IP) data traffic. This huge data traffic is placing burden on shippers to evaluate their networks. A development beyond 56 Kb/s is not able to offer enough bandwidth for video on demand (VOD), shared gaming, IP telephony & video communication. An Ethernet passive optical network (EPON) is a scalable access complex technology that provide optical access path between a carrier office (CO) and customerís site at a low-cost. In other words, EPON means the merger of Ethernet equipment and low cost fiber infrastructure at low cost. It is going to be the finest aspirant for the next generation access system. In an EPON, the method of transmitting data downstream from the OLT to numerous ONUs is essentially different from transmitting data upstream several ONUs to the OLT. Here we discuss some scenarios of EPON network at different distances and analysis the quality of the network.


Title: Computation of Yaw Velocity Estimation For Railway Wheelset & Error Discrimination Based Upon Creep Coefficient For Slip Author(s): Zulfiqar Ali Soomro

Abstract: The railway wheelset of vehicle has enormous importance in its dynamics and modeling point of view. The knowledge of pertaining dynamics for proper running of railway wheels over railway tracks affected by the disturbances is very essential. Hence it is necessary to model the rail-wheel contact patches properly to avoid detrimental accidents due to improper adhesion level based to relation of creep analysis. The yaw motion is one of three degrees of freedom which varies with other two degree of freedom in longitudinal and lateral dimensions. In this paper, these generated disturbances are estimated by using kalman filter algorithm to control yaw velocity noise under various creep coefficient. Thus stability of rail wheelset model is investigated by error percentage estimation based upon creep to check adhesion level to avoid slip to protect railway vehicle and lives. This reflects the idea for acquiring the higher level of creep co efficient for stability of the well as to reduce error ratio.


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