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Months: March & September
Start year: 2011

Title: Performance Evaluation of Intrusion Detection System by Applying Routing Protocol on Mobile Ad-hoc Networks Author(s): Syed Muhammad Hassan Zaidi and Manzoor Hashmani

Abstract: A Mobile AdHoc Network (MANET) is a network of nodes that communicating with each other without help from a fixed network infrastructure. Securing MANETS is an important part of deploying and utilizing them, since they are often used in critical applications like Commercial, Military, and Private sector where data and communications integrity in important. To obtain an acceptable level of security, conventional security solutions are supposed to be attached with an intrusion detection mechanism. In this thesis, we analyze few wireless Adhoc security attacks and vulnerabilities relative to topology control schemes and evaluate their performance under hostile environments. We propose a Distributed Intrusion Detection System (DIDS) that incorporates rule- based cluster topology relevant to Mobile Adhoc networks (MANETs) to determine their security/performance in application specific environments. DIDS draws inferences of intrusion by comparing anomalous patterns from packet traces of transmit and receive signal powers, ratio of packet arrival rates and anomaly in radio receiver packet power thresholds using buffer window count. We evaluate intrusion detection mechanism on a jammer attack and observe the effect on the network throughput. Our approach is simulated using the OPNET simulator. Simulation results show that the detection capabilities of scheme under a denial of service (DoS) (jammer) attack, increases the bit error rates, increase in transmit delay responses and considerable decrease in both the signal to noise powers and the average network throughput due to the presence of jammer attack which forms the baseline for analysis required to maintain energy efficiency and improve security in Adhoc network.


Title: Characteristics Performance of a Polarized MIMO Dipole in an Indoor Environment at 5.2 GHz Author(s): John Danson Muhehe, Lavi Michael Muia, Wilson Ogola, Jose-Maria Molina-Pardo, Andres Garrido-Cervantes, Concepcion Garcia-Pardo and Leandro Juan Llacer.

Abstract: In this paper, a 4x4 half-wavelength open Dipole multi-input multi-output (MIMO) measurements campaign at a frequency of 5.2 GHz is presented. Channel transfer function of the system is measured within 400MHz for different antenna polarization and displacement. Channel capacity, Correlation Coefficient, Ricean K-factor, as well as the channel delay spread are investigated in order to estimate the performance of a real MIMO dipole in an indoor environment. It is observed that with a fixed SNR, the capacities of VV and HV configuration increases with distance whereas HH and VH decreases with distance. Furthermore, it was realized that a set of Dipole elements is more efficient in the LOS as opposed to the NLOS.


Title: A Neural Network Based Pakistani License Plate Recognition System and Controlling Mechanism Author(s): Syed Fahad Ali, Muhammad Moinuddin, Waseem Taj, Farwa Jaffri, Summiya Tasneem

Abstract: In this paper a complete system of recognition and controlling of any vicinity security parameter is proposed based on the neural network architecture for automation and self decision making for the vehicle authentication and permission for entering into the premises of Iqra University Main Campus .This Implemented Process is based on the Segmentation of the characters from the Number Plate Of the Vehicles entering into the premises, by using the well known method of projection method and recognition of the characters is done by using the BPNN based algorithm designed for the said problem.


Title: Digital Multi-Touch Plotting Table Author(s): Muhammad Ali Ismail, Ismail Abdul Ghani, Hammad Shahid, Abid Karim, Mansoor Ebrahim, Hasan Jamil

Abstract: this paper presents a very interactive, innovative and rarely used multi touch surface. The most attractive factor in this surface is that it can sense more than one contact at a time. Different techniques are being used for the construction of this IR touch surface. The technique which we have used to build multi touch is LED-LP (LED Light Plane) technique. A very useful and cost efficient technique as compared to other techniques. All the techniques are based on IR source. Calibration factor is the most important factor for sensing. The details of the implementation phase and the initial prototype result is enclosed in this paper.


Title: Investigating the Foundry Properties of Eagle Island Sand and Clay Author(s): Ndor, M. Vurasi

Abstract: Sand, an important refractory material in founding, significantly influences the properties of the mould and quality of the cast. This work investigates the qualities of sand and clay from Eagle Island (behind Rivers State University of Science and Technology, Port Harcourt, Nigeria). The physical and chemical properties of the sand were examined using sieves, mortar and piston, compaction loading machine, electron meter, ph meter, etc. The test was in accordance with American Foundry Manís Society specification. Results show the sand and clay to be good for foundry industries.


Title: The Influence of Holding Device Anchor Parameters On The Holding Force Magnitude, Of An Integrated Linear Electromagnetic Motor Author(s): Genady G. Ugarov, Vladimir Iv. Moshkin , Amer Kh. Massad

Abstract: This paper investigates the influence of the design parameters of the upper ferromagnetic shunt, namely the value of the holding area H S , that creates a holding force H F , equal to that in breakaway stage in magnitude of this holding force at the breakaway stage. The design of an integrated circuit and the equivalent magnetic circuit of the integrated LEMM on breakaway stage was built, mathematical models of system were laid out. The most acceptable range of these ranges of magnitude of holding area is ? 0.2...0.4 ? H S , and this happens when ? ? 0.2...0.4 ? ush .The resulting holding force will vary in range of (0.05...0.15) to (0.2...0.55).


Title: SP Based Modeling of Mode Choice for School Trip in Sylhet City Author(s): Md. Bashirul Haque, Md. Mahmudul Huque Chayan, Masud Rana

Abstract: Choice of travel modes for school trip are modeled in this paper using discrete choice analysis to identify the most influential factors that induces people to use school bus. A Multinomial Logit (MNL) mode choice model was developed in this regard using Stated Preference (SP) surveys. Model was generalized using two case studies; Blue Bird School & College and Scholarshome. Both of the schools are located in Sylhet City Corporation (SCC) area, one of the major city of Bangladesh located north east part of the country. Attributes and their levels for SP survey were taken from preliminary survey conducted on the guardians. From model output, travel time, travel cost, teacher as supervising person and separate bus service for each school were found more influential factors for guardians to consider school bus for their children. Socio economic characteristics of guardians were also found significant to travel mode choice for school trip of their children. The results of the study can help the Sylhet city authority to formulate school bus related policies to reduce the number of vehicles on the roadway. The findings can also be useful for other cities of Bangladesh as well as for other developing countries, particularly those in Asia, which share similar socio-economic characteristics.


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